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American Financial Services Group (“AMFSG”), a Corporate Financial Consulting firm, specializing in EQUITY FINANCING. It has its roots dating back to 1959. Its principals have backgrounds in the fields of BUSINESS, LAW, SECURITIES, FINANCE, ACCOUNTING, INSURANCE, TAXATION, PAYROLL ADMINISTRATION AND REAL ESTATE.
AMFSG has traveled throughout North America lecturing on the subject of EQUITY FINANCING and how you can apply this method of financing to potentially raise unlimited amounts of money. This type of financing is available to start up as well as seasoned companies, regardless of your business, Its financial history, location or amount of money sought. EQUITY FINANCING does not preclude any company from also raising money from loans, otherwise known as debt financing. Money raised through EQUITY FINANCING also trickles down to you as an employee through salary, bonuses, dividends and many other company perks.